About Christa Lynn

Bodytalk sessions in Vancouver BC


Christa Lynn is a Usui Reiki Master, Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, AnimalTalk Practitioner and Chartered Herbalist. She graduated with honors from Simon Fraser University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Music Composition). She runs a Holistic Healing Practice in Vancouver, BC providing healing for both people and animals.

Christa has ten years experience in the healing arts which began when she started writing musical compositions that had healing qualities on the bodymind complex. Her studies on the effects of healing with sound fueled her knowledge further into health modalities and consequently, she became a Chartered Herbalist from the program at Dominion Herbal College.

“I have devoted my career to facilitating the healing of people physically, emotionally and spiritually. I treat the body as a unique instrument in which I help to orchestrate harmonious connections in the body’s energy when disrupted. I achieve this through the BodyTalk protocol and Reiki energy and as every session unfolds, healing begins.”

Christa's first introduction to the BodyTalk System was in 2002 when she suffered from chronic eczema that persisted for over two years and no herbal remedy or prescribed medication would get rid of it. However, in just two BodyTalk sessions, the eczema was gone for good. From this point on, Christa became excited with this new modality of energy therapy and became a certified BodyTalk Practitioner and AnimalTalk Practitioner. Christa has also become an Usui Reiki Master and offers Reiki sessions or a blend of BodyTalk and Reiki for an integrated holistic healing experience in Vancouver BC.

Christa also has experience in shamanic healing practices and Hawaiian Huna healing techniques. She is always expanding her knowledge of the healing arts with the intention of serving her clients in the most powerful way possible.