Case Studies

Allergies to Animals

A woman in her forties developed allergies to animals. When she was around them, she would suffer from itchy and watery eyes, sneezing, runny nose and swollen skin. After three BodyTalk sessions she is now able to be close to animals and pet them without any symptoms developing.

Back Pain

A woman in her forties with severe back pain from three car accidents came in for a BodyTalk session. Many links came up involving Active Memory and links to specific vertebrae in her spine. After her first session, the back pain was 75% better and after her second session, the pain was completely gone.

Bladder Stones

A man in his early sixties developed stones in his bladder and need emergency surgery. Christa did a time-released BodyTalk session to help assist the surgery process. In session we balanced emotions of fear, worry and his five senses. Also balanced was the brain, cell repair to the bladder and urinary system, body chemistry (toxin) to the anesthetic and fast aid to the bladder. After the surgery he felt no pain and refused any post-op pain medications. The doctors were astounded at how fast he healed.


A woman in her thirties came in complaining that she was always bloated. In the BodyTalk session, an intolerance to dairy came up as well as lymphatic drainage. Three days after that session, the bloating was gone.

Burn to Skin

A woman in her twenties burned her hand on an iron set on high heat. Fast Aid BodyTalk was applied immediately. The redness faded and there was no scarring. The next day, her hand showed no signs whatsoever that a burn had occurred.

Business Productivity

A health care professional had developed a private practice with many clientele. After leaving for vacation and returning to work her business dropped severely and she had a very low number of clients. During her first BodyTalk session we balanced her sense of self worth relating to her work and business and address the fear she had around expanding her business. We also set up a "business matrix" to re-establish her client base. After two and a half weeks she called me to report that her business was booming and that she had more clients now than she every had before.

Dentist Visit

A young woman requested an agenda BodyTalk session before she was scheduled to see the dentist. She reacts to the freezing and her gums are very sensitive to the cleaning process and is very sore for weeks after. In the BodyTalk session we addressed cortices, body chemistry of toxin (the freezing), EMF and an intolerance to the florescent lights. After her dentist appointment she reported that she had no pain. The cleaning was easy and she had no reactions to the freezing.


A woman in her forties was born with eczema from head to toe. She had tried all sorts of cortisone creams and therapies with little success. After her first BodyTalk session, the eczema improved 80% and after three sessions it was gone. No more pain, redness or itchiness!

Environmental Allergies

A thirty year old woman suffered from hay fever since the age of sixteen. She was allergic to pollen, grasses, mold and dust. When she suffered from an allergy attack she would feel very tired and working became difficult. In the spring she started to have the onset of hay fever symptoms and immediately came in for a BodyTalk session. Later that night, she developed a fever which was an immune response from the session. When she woke up the next day she had no signs of hay fever symptoms and has been allergy free ever since.

Feeling Stuck in Life

A woman in her thirties was feeling very stuck in life and was unmotivated to change her career and continue with her education. During BodyTalk sessions issues of fear, worry and strength were balanced as well as her relationship to the environment - especially her current working environment. Now, she has set up a new career for herself, completed her studies and feels joyful, empowered, motivated and fulfilled in her life.

Hair Loss

A twenty-seven year old man started to lose his hair and doctors were not sure why. During his BodyTalk sessions cell repair to hair follicles, sensitivity to the environment and issues of self worth were balanced. After three sessions he returned to the doctor for a check-up and they were astonished that there was new hair growth when they thought it impossible.

High Blood Pressure

A woman in her sixties developed very high blood pressure and a severe pain down her left arm and into her chest. After two BodyTalk sessions with links to the conflict between her and her husband along with issues of control, anger, sadness, fear of judgment and overburdened with responsibilities, her blood pressure lowered to stable levels and the pain disappeared.


A woman in her early thirties was trying to get pregnant for over a year and a half with no success. During the sessions, cell repair to the ovaries, fear of rejection and anger issues were balanced. She was able to conceive shortly after receiving two BodyTalk sessions.

Knee Injury

A man in his late thirties had multiple knee injuries and could not jog/exercise anymore. After his first BodyTalk session he felt the healthiest he had ever felt ever in his life and his knee pain started to dissipate. He has begun to jog again and feels that he has claimed his life back.

Menopausal Symptoms

A woman in her fifties was experiencing terrible hot flashes many times during the day and night and was becoming very uncomfortable. After a BodyTalk session, with links to the pituitary gland and cell repair to ovaries, her hot flashes disappeared and she felt normal again.

Panic Attacks

A woman in her late thirties had panic attacks everyday for the past few years. They were very terrifying and debilitating. After a series of four BodyTalk sessions with many links to 8th Chakra, Active Memory and adrenal glands, the panic attacks subsided.

Post Traumatic Stress

A ten year old girl witnessed a woman getting hit by a car. The girl became upset and agitated and started showing signs of depression. Her BodyTalk session lasted ten minutes and involved Cortices, the Switching Technique, SB and Active Memory. When the session was over, she looked at Christa, smiled and said: “I feel better now, back to my regular self. I don't feel sad now.”

Prolapsed Uterus

A woman in her forties was suffering from a prolapsed uterus. After four BodyTalk sessions, with links involving a divorce, grief, sadness and inability to express feminine energy in a balanced way, her uterus shifted back into the normal position.

Prostate Cancer

A man in his late fifties came in with prostate cancer. He was refusing any type of conventional medical treatment. He came in for a series of five BodyTalk sessions. During these sessions, there were many links to childhood, fears of abandonment, belief systems that people were "unsafe" and could not be trusted. Also released was a lot of repressed anger relating to past childhood events and dynamics with his father. Also His sense of masculinity and his relationship to 'masculine' responsibilities in life was also balanced. After five sessions of BodyTalk he went in to the hospital to run tests to see the state of the cancer, and the doctor has now declared him cancer free.

Relationship Break-up

A man in his thirties came into the office in a state of stress and emotional turmoil. He had an intense break-up with his girlfriend and was suffering from a loss of appetite, insomnia and an inability to focus at work. After three BodyTalk sessions he has totally shifted. He feels more joy, let go of the past and his negative patterns within relationships and is able to open up to new opportunities for relationships and friendships in his life. He is now at peace with himself.


An elderly man had an outbreak of shingles that was very painful and hurt so much he could not sleep. After one BodyTalk session with many links to Body Chemistry, the shingles disappeared the next day.

Skin Rash

A four year old girl developed a severe skin rash that would not go away with prescribed medications. Using her mother as a surrogate for her session, links came up involving self worth, control issues, fear of her environment and belief systems that the world to her was unsafe. Anger issues were also addressed. After six sessions, the rash disappeared and has been gone ever since. Her demeanor is also happy and joyous.

Stage Fright and Voice Loss

A female actor came in with stage freight during auditions that she would also lose her voice. During her BodyTalk session there was a disconnection between the thyroid gland and her throat chakra as well as fear of rejection and inability to express herself freely. Now she is much more confident in herself and her abilities that stage freight is no longer an issue.

Tooth Pain

A man in his forties complained of a pain in his tooth. During the BodyTalk session we balanced nerve supply to the tooth, body chemistry to bacteria in the gums around the tooth and balanced the meridians of the body. He called the next day to say the the pain was gone after suffering the the pain for two weeks.

Work Place Dynamics

A woman in her forties was starting a new job. She felt that she did not fit in and that there was conflict between three of the other employees. In the BodyTalk session we did Matrix work for the group dynamics in the work place. She later reported that there were huge shifts - she felt more accepted by her coworkers and the employees had a better attitude towards each other. The work ethic improved dissolving the conflict within the group.